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Season 2024

What’s on

Happy Meals, Happy Kids

7 Mar – 9 Mar 24

The Q

Breakfast Club on the edge of the apocalypse.

Eulogiser Bunny

16 Mar 24

The Q

We put the fun in funeral. Also the ban in banana, but that’s a different story.

You are a Doughnut

22 Mar – 23 Mar 24

The Q

A biological-musical-comedy-adventure that explores the ins and outs of the human digestive system.


27 Mar 24

The B

The wit and wisdom of the socially awkward.

Emma Donovan

5 Apr 24

The B

Be among the first to hear songs from Emma’s highly anticipated new album, Til My Song is Done.


11 May 24

The Q

Can we save our stories when the robots arrive?

The Trojan War

14 May – 15 May 24

The Q

A fun night of comedy, tragedy and chaos!

Highway of Lost Hearts

6 Jun – 7 Jun 24

The Q

A woman. A dog. A campervan. And 4,500km of wide open road.

The Will To Be

13 Jun – 14 Jun 24

The Q

Shakespeare meets Queer History in award-winning solo show.

Garry Starr Greece Lightning

6 Jul 24

The Q

An anarchic masterclass not to be mythed!

Eskimo Joe and Dan Sultan

7 Jul 24

The B

An intimate rendezvous with Australian rock legends Eskimo Joe, and the formidable Dan Sultan!

Overweight Lightweight

13 Jul 24

The B

A heavyweight comedian of the highest order.


18 Jul – 27 Jul 24

The Q

Six women on the brink. Which one are you?

The Sunshine Club

31 Jul – 1 Aug 24

The Q

A brilliant new landmark in Australian musicals!

Ordinary Days

5 Sep – 7 Sep 24

The Q

Four young new yorkers search for love, fulfillment, and cabs!


11 Sep 24

The Q

When their stories go viral and the whole world is watching, what will these young people do next?

The Listies: Make Some Noise!

13 Sep – 14 Sep 24

The Q

A riotous mixtape of silly songs, stupid skectches, and crazy clowning!

Joe Camilleri & The Black Sorrows

22 Sep 24

The B

The joy of live music, the excitement of watching great performers, and the thrill of that old The Black Sorrows’ magic!

The Italian Tenors

29 Nov 24

The B

A night of pure enchantment!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

29 Nov – 15 Dec 24

The Square

Gather your friends and celebrate the beginning of summer with A Midsummer Night’s Dream under the open sky.

About the season

The lights are going down and the curtain is rising on another year of stories, music, and laughter. Welcome to Season 2024 at The Q!

Reflecting on the last year, I can’t help but think about the challenges that we have faced, and continue to face, not only in our local Queanbeyan-Palerang community but in the world at large. There is so much hurt, trauma and fear happening across the globe that it feels impossible to begin to process. This year has tested our resilience, and stretched our emotions to almost breaking, demanding our adaptability in unprecedented ways.

But when we are surrounded by adversity and uncertainty, one thing becomes clear; we can rely on the arts to carry us through. And of all the arts, nothing beats the magic of live performance. Theatre is like a big colourful mixtape of life—it’s got a little bit of everything that makes us tick. At a time when it is so easy to become isolated—surrounded by so many screens big and small—theatre stands out as a chance to connect, to share an experience, not only with the performers, but with the entire audience.

This is a season that brings us together, makes us think and feel, changes us for the better, and celebrates our differences. From the incredible works of First Nation’s artists to new Australian productions from regional companies, children’s theatre from near and far, local productions by Q The Locals, and the finest comedy and drama our country has to offer—we’ve got it all.

At The Q, we have always championed local arts—from our Q The Locals programming, to Echo Theatre, and especially our local theatre companies, The Queanbeyan Players and Free Rain, who bring their passion, dedication, talent and creativity to everything they do. In 2024, we’re excited to welcome National Opera to our theatre, as well as the return of Q favourites, The National Capital Orchestra.

Theatre belongs to everyone—it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, what you know, what you believe, or where you’re from. Money shouldn’t be a barrier to experiencing and enjoying the arts. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure that our 2024 season has something everyone can afford and enjoy.

Jordan Best

Artistic Director & Programming Manager
Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre

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Watch the launch