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The Q

Echo Theatre presents


18 Jul 24

The Q


by Joanna Murray-Smith

Six women on the brink. Which one are you?



18-27 July 2024


7.30pm, Thur 18 July 2024

7.30pm, Fri 19 July 2024

2pm, Sat 20 July 2024

7.30pm, Sat 20 July 2024

7.30, Thur 25 July 2024

7.30pm, Fri 26 July 2024

2pm, Sat 27 July 2024

7.30pm, Sat 27 July 2024


The Q

Running time

90 minutes, no interval

Audience advice

Coarse language, adult themes.

Recommended for ages 15+.


$30 – $49.90

*Early Bird pricing available until 10am, 18 June.

Q Member$44.90
30 & Under$30



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With singing, dancing, comedy and the joys of sheer honesty, Joanna Murray-Smith’s acclaimed play Bombshells is a journey from crisis to hilarity, via the thoughts of a group of women all linked by more than just their proximity to the edge; an aging cabaret singer at the end of her career, a nervous bride-to-be, an exhausted young mother, a widow with a yearning for the unexpected, a broken-hearted cactus lover, and a feisty teenage talent-quest competitor.

Joy, drama, crisis, fear, revelation – there are times where you have to remain cool and calm on the outside. The inside, meanwhile, is a flailing monologue of personal pep talks, perish-the-thoughts and perpetual panic. Bombshells strips back the façade of womanhood to reveal the things that sometimes we’d just love to say out loud.

Director Jordan Best
Cast Amy Kowalczuk, Lainie Hart, Sally Taylor, Kate Harris, Ella Buckley, Alice Ferguson

Each character is resilient and robust despite the setbacks, thwarted opportunities or feelings of rejection.

Sydney Morning Herald