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G Dance Academy Presents

Cinderella and Celebrate!

9 Dec 22

The Q

In this modern twist on the classic tale, “Cinderella” is played by 3 young women, each with their own hopes and dreams for their future.



9 December, 6.30pm

10 December, 2pm


The Q

Running time

150mins, 20min interval



Concession tickets must show ID




Cinderella is the story of every girl. In this modern twist on the classic tale, Cinderella is played by 3 young women, each with their own hopes and dreams for their future. Trapped in a dysfunctional family within a patriarchal society, she is told by almost everyone that the only way to succeed in life is to find herself a husband.

Cinderella catches the eye of the Prince, who is looking for a wife, and after numerous invitations to the ball, she declines his invitation to attend, knowing in her heart that it is not marriage she seeks. After explaining her dreams to the Prince, he can see how determined and passionate she is. He offers to introduce her to the Powerful Queens (who can help her reach the life of her dreams) if she will meet him at the ball. She agrees.

When the day arrives, Cinderella is getting ready for the ball when her stepmother Vivian throws ink on her dress and tells her that only her stepsisters are worthy of attending the ball.

Cinderella is sad, but her Fabulous Godmother magically appears and dresses her in a beautiful design, with diamond shoes, and turns mice into footmen and a crate into a carriage. Cinderella is unrecognisable! She says that Cinderella must go to the ball and make her dreams come true but her magic will only last so long. She must return before midnight or she risks it all. Cinderella travels through the forest at night time and finally arrives at the ball.

The ball is full of spectacular Queens who are having a fabulous time. Cinderella joins in the festivities, full of food, drink, fun and dancing. Everyone is mesmerised by the magical quality of Cinderella, including Prince Robert! Cinderella asks the Prince to follow through on his end of the deal by introducing her to the Powerful Queen who can help make her dreams become a reality.

Cinderella spends the night enchanting the Queens with her passion and determination and they are so impressed, they want to do all they can to help her reach her dreams. They ask her to meet them in the town square the next day.

Cinderella is having such a wonderful evening that she loses track of time, and as midnight approaches, she runs swiftly from the ball so as not to lose her magic. She loses one of her shoes as she races away to escape the ticking clock…

Prince Robert is left sad and alone until Malvolia and Narissa cheer his spirits and they party into the night. The next day, Vivian, the evil stepmother shares her sad story with Cinderella; she was also an ambitious girl who loved to play the piano. She left home to study piano and when she came back home her husband divorced her, saying that she is not a suitable wife and kicked her and her daughters out. When she is about to leave Cinderella’s room she finds the diamond shoe and realises that her stepdaughter is the mystery magical princess from the ball.

Vivian encourages Cinderella to go and do what she needs to do to have a happy and fulfilling life. Cinderella races to the town square to join the Powerful Queen to learn what she needs to do to make her dreams come true.

Each Queen shares the secret. “One must not wait for the perfect time, place or circumstance to follow your dreams. You must find your own lost shoe, put it on, and simply start”.