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Prima Facie

19 Apr 23

The Q

This is not life. This is law.

Wild Thing

28 Apr 23

The Q

How far would you go for a friend?

Golden Days

6 May 23

The B

The Tenor from Oz, direct from London’s West End, sings the best songs from movies and musicals.


11 May – 20 May 23

The Q

A fast-paced comedy that takes a whimsical look at what life looks like for the people never destined to save the world.

The Alphabet of Awesome Science

26 May – 27 May 23

The Q

A scientific race through the alphabet — where awesome words inspire awesome science!

Garry Starr Performs Everything

3 Jun 23

The Q

Theatre is dying. Garry is our only hope.

The Twits

13 Jul – 15 Jul 23

The Q

Dahl’s gruesome twosome The Twits, live on stage in a visually-spectacular, delightfully-disgusting, revoltingly-funny production for the whole family


2 Aug – 5 Aug 23

The Q

There were once six Scottish lads who stowed away on a ship, chasing dreams of adventure…


8 Aug – 9 Aug 23

The Q

Streaming killed the video store. And that’s not all we lost…


11 Aug – 12 Aug 23

The Q

Andy Griffiths’ awesome JUST series mashed together in a theatrical rodeo


25 Aug – 26 Aug 23

The Q

An unlikely friendship…

The Beanies Egg-Straordinary Day

7 Oct 23

The Q

Parenting: How hard boiled can it be?

Under the Influence

3 Nov – 4 Nov 23

The Q

A tragi-comic romp through the many moods of Mikelangelo


24 Nov – 25 Nov 23

The B

A gay dinosaur climate change love story parable about loneliness and eco disaster.

King Lear

29 Nov – 3 Dec 23

The Q

A bold, contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare’s epic tragedy, King Lear.