Hire Our Spaces

The Q and The B (Bicentennial Hall) are available for hire for performances, functions, conferences and more. There is technical support available, as well as bar facilities and ticketing capability in venue.

To check availability please complete your Expression of Interest form below.

The conditions of the hire of the theatre can be viewed here.

Expression of Interest

Technical Support and Additional Equipment

Additional equipment beyond those listed above are provided by Eclipse Lighting and Sound and charged at full cost recovery. You will be required to have a technician provided by Eclipse Lighting and Sound and in the building at all times including during your bump in, rehearsal, performances and bump out.

An approximate quote for technical support and any additional equipment can be provided on request which will be estimated according to your technical specifications. Technical support and any additional equipment is not included in the Hire Fee below and will be charged at full cost recovery.

The costs for service from Eclipse Lighting and Sound will be included in your final box office reconciliation and you will not be required to pay Eclipse direct. NOTE: Due to legislative restrictions placed on Council owned venues, the use of smoke effects during productions is not permitted at any time.

Tickets and ticketing information

Please note:

  • the ticket price should be the amount you wish the public to pay;
  • all venue ticketing fees will be deducted from your ticket price during the reconciliation process
  • all ticketing is to be administered through the box office – no private ticketing arrangements will be entered into

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